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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  December 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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did the temperatures have plummeted. take a look at the numbers. he will note is widespread 20's, especially west of the metro area. martin's third 25 degrees. 35 degrees in the district. freezing temperatures out there. mid-50's this afternoon. it will be mostly sunny again clouds moving through this afternoon. he will not notice the cold weekend is looking great. some high end thing clouds. warmer on sunday. we are looking at rain by the early part of next week. that is the forecast. how is the commute? so far so good. we have a little bit of roadwork. it is over spring. to the beltway that pretty good.
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no accidents or delays. it is looking pretty smooth. it it is open and very quiet. all the way to the beltway. over to springfield northbound, southbound 95 moving smoothly. we do have some construction blocking the rams. the wayd be out of pretty soon. overall a pretty good start. back to you. we begin with the search for gun man that brought a postal employee and locked him in a trap. happen last night near of 14th and ton streets. we have more. backspectors went to the truck that is a crime stream. >> he was brazen to walk up here. >> it is about 6:31 a delivery
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up as packages. as he was loading them, a man pulled out a gun and demanded his postal bunch, cash and everything the employee had. what happened next was bald. >> he stepped in to a black backpack and locked him in the vehicle. >> the employee called police was freed unharmed. it is something that zack callahan had never fathomed. >> it was scary. is a big i never even thought up. i never have problems with people trying to rob me. >> you shaken but safe. this is an unfortunate sign of deferencdesperate times. have to keep your guard up. >> the victim was not able to get a clear description. the suspect is wearing a ski mask. they're offering a reward for any information leading to an
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arrest. abc 7 news. the man is at the center of mystery in aruba is opening up. not everyone believes them. exclusive interview, gary donahoe denied any in thement disappearance. giordana denied any involvement in the disappearance. me sick to my stomach. only he knows the answers. he meant trafficking, i do not .elieve free to remove to the home. republicans rocked the plan that would have been financed by on incomes above $1 million. more than two dozen republicans
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are both ways. we will find out if the u.s. picking up steam. did they will release a jobs report in a few hours. they traded 125,000 new jobs. they said it was higher but the expectedment rate is say -- state. linda.'s go to when good friday morning to you. >> he mentioned that reports this morning. we do have index futures trading higher. as i mentioned, they are surging. the chancellor is expected to more. they were addressing europe's
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debt crisis. they are leading a push for closer economic ties. elsewhere, general motors is trying to prevent a public fiasco with a hybrid. it is willing to buy back any customers who are concerned about safety. probe, sales rose nearly 3% in november. honda is facing its own problems. it appears more men are turning cosmetic calendars. i will have more. is live at bloomberg headquarters. coaxial see you in just a little bit. the family was braving the weather for a holiday tradition. they flip the switch. four, at 3, 2, 1.
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>> this is the brand new tree. this toppled by some strong wind spiri. in thisparticipated spirit nearly 40 buildings will be lit up. is the 18th year for the event. >> it is 33 degrees. >> still to come, major track means we can closures. which ones will be affected? >> it feels like a post war zone.c >> they are bracing for more of weather.windy on traffic andk
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>> take a look at this. another western state again today. guests blew through transformers. also toppled trees and power lines. they damaged cars and left peoples of thousands of
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in the dark. what a mess. >> people are saying it is being in a hurricane. it is very destructive. get a check on our traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> it is a very cold start to the day. look at some of these numbers. brandywine is checking in at 28 degrees. it is a really cold start to the day. prince frederick at 29. temperatures will rise into the mid-50's. over the weekend, temperatures in the low to mid 50's. there is a fair amount of sunshine added by sunday.
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the more will cloud up until monday. it to be cloudy near 60 degrees. a chance of showers by tuesday. is the forecast. >> we do not have much going on. this is eastbound heading across road into the district with everything open. there is some left over construction. this should be out of the way fairly soon. also a good shot as a make our across 14. the american region bridge is pretty misty. make it to the roads they are dry. back to you. could be tough. the trains will not run between island rabbinate and bryn of track work.
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orange lines will not work due to traffic. the shuttle buses will be available and closures will be until 10:00 tonight. >> weekend track work is not the only issue. they are considering a parking increases to help fill a budget gap. the board will begin looking at proposals next month. manley improved increases will take effect in july. >> it is 33 degrees the site. you how a local forces to helpd relatives of a little boy and mother. killed in all house fire. >> we have the fall of to the rest from a local girl scout troop. rest from a local girl scout troop. of ♪ [ male announcer ] when you're a true fan... [ exhales ]
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>> welcome back. to check our top stories. investigators are searching for person here robbed a postal worker. say a gunmen still other items. the weather was shaken. police say this is the latest in of robberies. the november unemployment few hours.s out in a
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it will show that the economy created 125,000 new jobs. the number can actually be but the unemployment rate 9%. likely stay at people are bracing for another windy day. guests toppled trees, power linests, and on street in cars. thousands are without electricity. the committee came together family devastated by a fire. the six year old boy, her and the can died. -- the aunt died. they attended a fund-raiser to say thank you. toward a $6,000 funds in honor of know well.
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they died from injuries suffered in a sunday morning fire. the family is overwhelmed with the support. without them i do not know how we were going to make it. been overwhelming. >> his grandmother was the lone fire andof the house granted -- greeted those who came. did same fire fighters best. they are collecting donations surviving relatives. >> they did cpr for a long time. the cannot save everybody. is one of the worst ones i've far.o >> they believe an overload a power strip was to blame. it they were awakened by the sound of sirens. a hard day.en
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>> they did not have a working smoke detectors. it is sad. it is so easy to prevent. >> there is new evidence driver did not to run themy try down. outside thed convention center. showsllance video protesters moving in front of car while i was trying to get to a small gap in the crowd. was not charged. to it will be a big night some girl scouts. they had almost $200 in cookie money. was in october. two suspects were caught. one was later arrested. $800 worth of donations poured them.
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they are going to get pizza. >> 6 of the eight presidential place in awill take forum tomorrow night. mike huckabee will moderate that event. they will question the candidates. and jon huntsman and is running for governor in 2013. he is popular with the tea party could face the republican primary. he said he does not plan to step of his term.he end giffords will be honored. senateot require
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approval. he is the only congressional on theer killed while job. >> 33 degrees on this friday morning. j r martinez paid a visit to the district. reason.cial another check on
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>> happy friday morning. we're in the weather center. this updated. a cold start to the day. it is the widespread 20's out there. skies againy clear today. be a few clouds. notice the line of clouds to our northwest. it is stretching of the way down to the midwest. the cold front is gone to toling apart as it continues move to the washington area. a very uneventful frontal passage. is maybe a 10 mile per hour wind. 25 degrees in martinsburg. 25 degrees in the district. meanwhile, 27 degrees and culpeper. some chilly degrees. mostly sunny.
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it is still pleasanter the weekend. looking at some rain. they could get a little unsettled. the latest on the commute? >> it is pretty good so far. traffic is moving slowly. it is moving up toward the 14th everythingge where is open. 27120. it is moving, just a few because living southbound. it is going to frederick county. over to the interchange where traffic is moving smoothly over on the left. no delays all the way up until springfield. the 14there up until street bridge. back to you. you.ank is 4:55.
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j.r. my team has made a stop in washington. know if the brought ball trophy to show off. he attended last night's gala for the rehabilitation hospital. birther in the day he toward the pentagon with leon panetta. he suffered burns to more than hisof his body after vehicle hit a roadside bomb. for more pictures, just log on to president obama's campaign picture more than two dozen nba stars. debate had the edge of ben -- to beave the event scheduled in the summer. it put the in bases and in jeopardy. have reached an agreement. it is set to begin on christmas day. collett and olympic sized
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honor for prince william. they have been named official the games. to says he isiam honored to have been chosen. it kicks off in july. >> have fun. 33 degrees. >> still ahead, highlights from thursday night the ball. the eagles are trying to salvage. can they soa ♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, you can get taat same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra soft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ah. [ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft.
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>> a postal employee is attack by an armed robber. is a huge award for an conviction. >> a proposal that may not sit with some passengers. they are considering a parking rate increase. remember and hansen? they are capitalizing on the song. live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning to you. that song is so catchy. it is 5:00 a.m.. you for waking up with the it


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